Victorian Heart Hospital

Australia’s first dedicated cardiac facility, the Victorian Heart Hospital, is under construction on the Monash University Clayton campus in Melbourne’s south east.

John Holland is building the state-of-the art facility, which will lead the way in care for heart patients, bringing together treatment, medical research and training under one roof.

The building is designed to improve health and wellbeing outcomes by maximising natural light, and through a strong connection to the outdoors.

When completed, the hospital will be able to perform 2,150 cardiac surgeries and 13,000 cardiac laboratory procedures each year, as well as catering for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and 108,000 consultations.

The building’s environmental impact will also be minimised by utilising the natural climate conditions to enable resilient and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, whilst also lowering the building’s carbon footprint through using locally sourced materials.