Risdon Prison Redevelopment

Risdon Prison Redevelopment, TAS

This complex project involved design, concurrent construction and subsequent 15 year maintenance of a new men’s prison accommodating 297 prisoners and a new women’s prison with the capacity to accommodate 46 inmates.

John Holland and Fair Brother worked together to program the works in a way that would minimise disruption to the staff and inmates of the existing prison. Construction occurred around the operating prison and over multiple work fronts, often resulting in the erection of a new building superstructure each fortnight.

The project also included a 35-patient Secure Mental Health Facility, recreational areas and dining rooms, and employed over 200 workers across 40 sub trades at its peak.

The new facility follows the ‘campus’ design, which has been heralded as a leading edge concept for correctional facilities. This design encloses a large space within a highly secure perimeter in which prisoner and non-prisoner zones have been established.

The project was successfully delivered four months ahead of schedule.