Newcastle Courthouse Redevelopment

Newcastle Courthouse Redevelopment, NSW

This $90 million project was designed to provide the largest and most technologically advanced NSW court complex outside of Sydney. 

The seven storey 12,000 square metre building incorporates a variety of architectural features and material choices, including glass reinforced and decorative concrete, eight lift shafts, acoustic panelling throughout and a glass atrium roof. The high security building includes holding cells, jury assembly and deliberation areas, legal interview rooms, facilities for victims of crime and support groups, Sheriff's office, state-of-the-art registry, judicial chambers, ten courtrooms and two tribunal rooms, and will host sittings of the Supreme, District and Local courts.

The building replaced the original courthouse facilities that were built in 1892 and was designed with environmentally responsible features such as solar panels, energy efficient air conditioning and smart use of natural light in order to reduce the building's carbon footprint.

John Holland has had a presence in Newcastle for over 20 years and, therefore; utilised local labour during the construction phase, creating jobs and subsequently improving the local economy.