MCG Great Southern Stand

MCG Great Southern Stand, VIC

This $119 million project significantly increased the capacity of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, providing the capacity for an additional 40,000 patrons.

The scope included the staged demolition of the old stand, and construction of the new stand and supporting facilities. This included food and beverage outlets, bars, corporate suites, underground car parking, commercial office space, TAB outlets and a police station.

The demolition of the old stand involved the removal of 5,000 panels of asbestos sheeting and 550 tonnes of roof structure, and was staged around the MCG's sporting calendar. The new stand is 324 metres long and 45 metres high – similar to the dimensions of a 70-storey building - and its core has seven levels that cantilever four tiers of seating. The upper level is sheltered by a steel cantilevered roof. Placed within the stand are 14,000 precast elements, including 36 kilometres of hollow-core planks, 2,700 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 2,700 tonnes of structural steel, four kilometres of underground services and 20 kilometres of internal plumbing pipework. The large number of precast components enabled the whole project to be pieced together, thus allowing its rapid completion within 13 months, benefiting both the client and the general public.


  • Winner 1991 Australian Federation of Construction Contractors - Victorian Safety Award
  • Winner 1992 Australian Federation of Construction Contractors - Construction Achievement Award
  • Winner 1992 Association of Consulting Engineers Australia - Engineering Excellence Award