Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility

Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility, HK

John Holland, in joint venture with Leighton Asia and Veolia Water, delivered the iconic Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility for the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. Located in the western part of the New Territories, the facility is critical to the region’s wastewater treatment capacity.

At 2,000 metric wet tonnes capacity per day, the plant is the largest waste facility of its type in the world.  

Designed by leading architects and engineers, this facility derives inspiration from the sea and hills of Deep Bay and provides a distinct landmark along the north-west coast of Hong Kong. The plant is equipped with flue gas treatment lines, as well as steam-producing incinerator boiler furnaces that will drive the turbines to convert the steam into electricity. Surplus energy generated from the plant will be supplied to the national grid. This complex project combines proven technologies with leading innovations in receiving and treating dewatered sewage sludge from sewage treatment works.