Federal Parliament House

Federal Parliament House, ACT

Covering 250,000m2 of floor space, this building is a national landmark and one of John Holland's proudest achievements. Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1988 and incorporating world class design with the highest quality materials and workmanship, this project is visited by over 10,000 people daily and provides accommodation for 3,500 people. 

Set on a 32 hectare site, the scope included 7,000 kilometres of cables and pipes, and 210,000 cubic metres of concrete. The curved granite walls are 460 metres long and 27 metres high at their peak. The walls were constructed using 23,000 separate slabs of granite, a process which took more than two years to complete.

The building features a vast array of services which were uncommon at the time, including electrical, lifts, ventilation, fire protection, emergency power generation, waste handling, hydraulic services and communication facilities.

During the eight years of construction, over 500 contracts were led for separate trades to carry out the works and the project’s workforce peaked at 2,500. Still standing today, Federal Parliament House is a national landmark, incorporating a world-class design and the highest quality construction.