Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility

Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility, VIC

This $78 million project for the Department of Transport makes the Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility one of the largest and most modern train maintenance facilities in Australia. 

The facility includes a train maintenance facility, train wash, stabling roads (for overnight storage), a jacking road, substations, an amenities building and carpark, overhead wires, track, signalling and communications.

The scope of works included a maintenance building housing three inspection roads, a lift road, tools store, back shop, bogie storage, staff amenities, rail tracks and overhead electrification, lifting, cranage and turntable systems, castellated key interlocking systems, access Platforms, building services (mechanical, electrical, CCTV, hydraulic, fire, communication and success control services) and facility plant equipment. It also included ancillary works consisting of a gate house, fencing and security, roads, hardstand areas, car parking and pedestrian walk ways, landscaping, acceleration and deceleration lanes and associated works on Sydney road, rail tracks, signalling and overhead electrifications, fire services and rain water harvesting.