Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm

Cathedral Rocks Windfarm, SA

Located in the remote area of the Eyre Peninsula, the Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm includes 33 wind turbines, generating 66 Mega Watts of clean energy and meeting the needs of approximately 35,000 households per year.

Wind power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable and fastest growing sources of electricity in the world. The blades on a wind turbine are designed to capture the kinetic energy in the wind, before spinning a shaft which leads from the hub of a rotor to a generator. The generator then turns that rotational energy into a transferable form of electricity.

John Holland, along with partners York Civil and National Power Services, delivered all electrical work, substations, earthworks, 40 kilometres of access roads, drainage installation, hard stands and concrete foundations, as well as the construction of the main control building.

The project delivered significant economic, social and environmental benefits to the Eyre Peninsula and surrounding areas. For instance, the team employed a primarily local workforce, sourced materials from local suppliers and contributed to the conservation of over 2,300 hectares of native vegetation and subsequently achieved a GreenPower accreditation.

As the project was constructed on private farming land, the team took a highly cooperative approach to landholder liaison and land access negotiations. Striving for a mutually beneficial outcome for both the landholder and client, the client’s reputation remained outstanding within the community. In addition to the community, the team were also highly committed to health and safety, with their procedures and workplace culture resulting in zero ‘lost time injuries’ (LTIs).