Bulk Liquids Berth 2

Botany Bay Bulk Liquids Berth 2, NSW

This $60 million project involved the construction of a second berth, along with all associated facilities, adjacent to the existing berth at Botany Bay. 

The second berth provides increased capacity for bulk liquid importers and exporters who operate in facilities near the site, and handles the transfer of refined fuels, liquefied petroleum gas and chemicals.

A multitude of unique challenges were encountered during construction, including:

  • Adjacency to Sydney’s sole bulk liquids wharf
  • Adjacency to the Sydney Airport dedicated fuel line and other product pipelines
  • Crane operations impacting on the Sydney Airport navigation window
  • Minimising the impact of vibration from pile driving, on the Sydney Gas Caverns, adjacent to the site
  • Working over water

The scope of work included:

  • Berth structure - piling, decking, walkways between dolphins, berthing and mooring dolphins, pile substructures, quick release hooks and capstans, bollards and other miscellaneous berth furniture
  • Civil works - carpark, road works, pipeline culverts, stormwater, Gross Pollutant Trap
  • Buildings - amenities building, wharf hut and fire pump-house
  • Services - electrical, fire protection, fire pumps, foam proportioning system, spill containment systems, hydraulics