BHP Billiton PACE Marine Works

BHP Billiton Products and Capacity Expansion, WA

This $52 million wharf upgrade project was required after the expansion of the mines in Newman, and their subsequent increase in capacity. The increase of supply was initially seven million tonnes, however; was subsequently increased to a capacity of 100 million tonnes.

The wharf is the last stage of transportation infrastructure for the exportation of iron ore from Newman. Prior to its arrival at the wharf, the iron ore travels along the ‘PACE’ (Product and Capacity Expansion) project rail line from inland Western Australia.

The scope of the project included the construction of 375 metre long, piled iron ore berth, nine berthing dolphins, 108 metre approach jetty and 58 x 38 metre transfer platforms and associated conveyors.

The works were completed on-time, ready for BHP Billiton’s first shipment of ore in late January of 2004. Despite initial difficulties, modifications to methodology and improvements in productivity ensured that the client’s project dates were met.