In detail: What makes good training?

Training is not just about teaching people skills for their job; often the content and topics covered are universal and can give people useful skills to draw upon in their lives outside of work. Training Manager Rail, Tony Landi, says we can always learn something new.

"In the rail industry, topics for training can be as diverse as gaining a better understanding of fatigue management in order to minimise burnout and make the most of rest periods, or how to manage difficult situations.

The way I look at training is to make the sport analogy. Take football for instance. Every player needs extra coaching and additional evaluation to ensure they are staying at the top of their game. This strengthens their professional development and enhances their contribution to the team. The same principles apply to the workplace.

One thing that I love to see is when people come to training and share their experience with others in the room. This is where we get the greatest benefit out of training. Our experienced employees also get a huge amount of satisfaction when they see that their knowledge and experience is actually helping others develop.

Paul Dunbar is our lead technical trainer and a great example of how essential it is to have people with significant knowledge and experience as part of our team. Paul has 20+ years working in the rail industry and he loves to give back to the trainees as this is something that he never had and wished it was available back in the day.

A good trainer is someone who doesn’t just deliver a message to a group, they become one of the group. They not only impart knowledge, they take in information from the group. And being able to identify the different styles in which people learn is also critical to imparting knowledge. You must understand how the learner learns.”