In Detail: Targeting future growth

John Holland has articulated the clear goal to double the size of its business by 2020. This is no mean feat, and Industry General Manager, Craig Aspinall considers a factor necessary to achieving this:

“In order to survive and prosper, a business needs both hunters and farmers. We need the best of both, and for both groups to place significant trust in the other for combined success. Farmers will make the very best of our ‘business as usual’ markets.  They will drive yields beyond our competitors in both winning and delivering work.

Hunters will make the very best of new environments.  They will take a perspective across a large landscape and move more quickly and efficiently than our competitors to take advantage of early change, and in doing so, open up new market revenue to the business.  

There will be times when, no matter how good they are, the environment is very hard on all farmers.  In these times, they are relied upon to be even more effective and efficient than ever, and they in turn rely on hunters to bring new markets to the business.

There will be times the landscape throws up limited new markets.  In these times, hunters are relied upon for increasing initiative and innovative thinking, and they in turn rely on farmers to provide when they are unable to bring anything home.

One of the biggest success factors to reaching the 2020 goal, is to recognise the need for both farmers and hunters.  We are working to recognise people for their talents, and encourage them to find what else we could be good at. We must back the farmers and the hunters all the way.

To reach our goal is to be different and to think differently about what other markets we can target, and what is needed to enter those markets.”