Early warning detection system keeping workers safe

John Holland is at the forefront of industry efforts to reduce the risks of injury to workers and damage to plant and equipment.

After reviewing the risk of collisions occurring between track machines either travelling in convoy or working together on site, five key risk and focus areas were highlighted.

The Early Warning Detection System (EWDS) was created in answer to this issue. It employs specialised time of flight, GPS technologies and radio transmissions to determine the relative distance and speed between surfacing machines travelling in convoy.

The system is specifically designed for rail maintenance machines and is used to provide the operators with a visual awareness of their adjacent machines and visual and audible warnings should they get too close.

Executive General Manager, Rail, Richard Stewart said safety was at the core of the business and finding innovative ways to improve processes and systems was an ongoing focus.

“An EWDS solution was developed in association with an Australian supplier, reducing the risk of collision between rail-bound plant while travelling and working on rail networks by warning Track Machine Operators when speed limits are exceeded or safe separation distances are compromised,” he said.

Group Manager Rail Engineering, Mike Rogers, said John Holland had invested significant time, effort and resources into the development of the EWDS, which was an industry first, taking track machine safety to a new level.

“Since implementation of the system, no collisions have occurred between machines with the EWDS installed and operational,” said Mike.