Cotter Dam Achieves Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating

The Enlarged Cotter Dam (ACT) has achieved an Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) As Built Rating of Commended.

The Enlarged Cotter Dam (ACT) has achieved an Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) As Built Rating of Commended.

The IS Rating was awarded by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

The Assistant Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Hon. Jamie Briggs, acknowledged the importance of the tool in the future of infrastructure.

The IS Rating scheme is a world leading tool developed in Australia that serves as a triple bottom line (social, economic and environment) performance measurement system and decision-support framework,’ he said.

“Sustainability is often linked to the environment and perceived to be associated with unnecessary costs. Whereas, in reality sustainability is about performance across the full triple bottom line. What we have seen in infrastructure projects that have gone through the IS Rating certification, is that real cost savings can be derived from the process.

“There is a significant investment that is being allocated for infrastructure and we are pleased to see that many of the associated project proponents are using the IS Rating scheme. We look forward to continuing our engagement across industry to collectively inform, test and update the business case.”

About ISCA
The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia is a bi-partisan, industry peak body and membership organisation that advances infrastructure sustainability and sets the industry benchmark for infrastructure sustainability. ISCA has over 60 members representing the different groups in the infrastructure supply chain including infrastructure planners and procurers, investors, contractors, operators and professional service providers.

IS Rating Scheme
ISCA administers the IS Rating Scheme – a world leading rating tool developed by the industry for the industry. The Scheme was launched in 2012 and since then, a total of eight projects have been awarded their individual IS Rating certification. These projects have a combined capital value of $2.2B There are 19 projects registered for IS Rating with a combined capital value of over $30b. An IS rating is independently verified and looks at the whole of life aspects of a project/asset.

The IS Rating helps identify sustainability risks and opportunities as early as possible enabling smart innovative solutions that can reduce risks and costs and at the same time deliver economic benefits to construction. The IS Rating Scheme is suitable across all projects and assets of different types and scales while taking a whole of life perspective on infrastructure sustainability. It looks at the following themes:
• Management and Governance
• Using Resources
• Emissions, Pollution and Waste
• Ecology
• People and Place
• Innovation