BIM providing competitive advantage

Have a look at how we are utilising this innovative tool.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables us to use virtual construction techniques to simulate or model many aspects of future work on a project.

BIM has been deployed on a wide range of John Holland projects, including Perth Children’s Hospital, Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal and Sydney Metro.

It helps John Holland evaluate the safest and most efficient construction methodology and can assist in monitoring construction progress.

The benefits of using BIM include:
  • Provides the structured approach needed to manage project challenges during construction and fit-out; and
  • Serves as an effective way of illustrating progress to all stakeholders.
Manager BIM Systems, Donald Cameron, said it is redefining the way we deliver projects.

“Our customers are increasingly asking for capabilities using BIM technology because it helps to deliver projects more efficiently and more cost effectively,” he said.

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