Water & Wastewater

Water is one of our most vital resources. John Holland is recognised as one of the most diversified engineering service providers to the water, wastewater and agriculture sectors with strong integrated and specialist process skills.

Sydney Desalination Plant, NSW

Our specialist teams ensure the continued delivery of cutting-edge water, wastewater technologies and treatment processes to our customers. Likewise, we are at the forefront of environmental solutions.

We have been contracted to design and deliver some of the most innovative and award-winning water infrastructure assets, including two seawater desalination plants in Australia; the first thermal sludge hydrolysis facility and the first acid phase digestion facility in Australia; and the world’s largest sludge incineration facility in Hong Kong.

The Sundrop Farm agricultural operations expansion was a showcase of our integrated engineering expertise. The project at Port Augusta in South Australia saw the construction of a new facility that uses solar-thermal technology to sustainably generate fresh produce all year-round in a semi-arid environment.


We are a leader in all facets of water and wastewater treatment plant, design, construction, operation and maintenance. We have delivered large-scale urban and regional projects, designing and delivering comprehensive integrated infrastructure solutions.

Our whole-of-life approach aims to maximise efficiency, optimise performance and sustain reliability through rigorous preventative maintenance programs.


We plan, design and deliver pipelines, and irrigation and reticulation channels, and have automated delivery systems and refurbishment solutions for aging water distribution and irrigation channels to improve water access and efficiency. 

Pipes and smart irrigation requires flow control and metering technology that involves customised approaches based on flow rates and the characteristics of pressurised systems. We have developed specialist in-house capabilities in control, instrumentation and SCADA engineering. We also custom engineer high-efficiency pumping systems to meet the demand of the reticulation scheme.


We have delivered a number of dam upgrades across Australia to improve safety and storage capacity of reservoirs.  Our capabilities include strengthening of the existing embankments, major structural upgrades of the existing spillway and installation of gates on spillway crests. On a number of projects such as the Cotter Dam, ACT, Wyangala Dam, NSW, Eildon Dam, Vic, Split Rock Dam, NSW have included construction works and adjacent to operating dams and reservoirs, and we fully appreciate the importance of maintaining the integrity, safety and operation of these facilities throughout delivery.