Water & Enviro

As a market leader in the provision of water and wastewater treatment solutions to the Australian and international water sector, we continue to focus on delivering a world-class service to our customers and partners. We are also committed to supporting environmental solutions for local communities and businesses that promote sustainable living.

Sydney Desalination Plant, NSW

Our specialist teams ensure the continued delivery of cutting-edge water, wastewater technologies and treatment processes to our customers. Likewise, we are at the forefront of environmental solutions. We are recognised by our customers as the most diversified engineering service provider to the water, wastewater and agriculture sectors with strong integrated and specialist process skills. We are the only contractor to have recently delivered major water security projects for customers in four of the most densely populated areas in Australia.

Our strengths in these areas are highlighted by the delivery of 15 major projects across Australia in the last five years, together with a range of international projects. We have been contracted to design and deliver some of the most innovative and award winning water infrastructure assets which includes two seawater desalination plants in Australia; the first thermal sludge hydrolysis facility and the first acid phase digestion facility in Australia; and the world’s largest sludge incineration facility in Hong Kong.

The Sundrop Farm agricultural operations expansion is a showcase of our integrated engineering expertise. The project at Port Augusta in South Australia is the construction of a new facility that will use solar-thermal technology to sustainably generate fresh produce all year-round in a semi-arid environment. It does this by harnessing the sun’s energy to desalinate sea water to produce fresh water for irrigation, heat in the form of stored hot water for crop temperature control and produce electricity to power the facility. This cutting-edge, sustainable farming solution is geared to meet future food demands.

Our whole-of-life approach aims to maximise efficiency, optimise performance and sustain reliability through rigorous preventative maintenance programs.