Roads, Bridges & Structures

Roads and bridges are crucial to connect our communities. An effective road network helps to ensure we are able to get to where we need to be, when we need to be there. We have delivered roads, bridges and structures across the country, ranging from remote locations for resource customers to the delivery of major networks that have changed the face of our urban environments. These networks have increased Australia’s productivity by easing traffic congestion.

Airport Link, QLD


Our experience ranges from the delivery of new highways to the major widening of existing strategic routes via traditional and new managed motorway routes. We are nationally accredited to R5 for road works and B4 for bridge works. 

Applying our advanced design, construction and integration management approach has been crucial when delivering some of Australia’s most complex road projects including the nation’s largest – the $4.8b Airport Link in Brisbane. Other examples of major transport links that we have delivered to help cities grow and connect include South Road Superway in SA, EastLink in Vic and Yeppen Bypass on the Bruce Highway in Qld.

We have extensive technical and management knowledge of modern road construction requirements, including road alignment, embankments, structures and intelligent transport. Our material engineering teams are proficient in materials processing and committed to maximising the use of recycled materials and secondary materials wherever possible. 


We carefully take into account ground conditions, structural components, pre-casting and prefabrication, traffic, and environmental and safety requirements during the design phase, to develop specific construction methods that minimise impact to the environment and locals whilst deriving cost savings and facilitating early asset utilisation.

The strengthening of Melbourne's iconic West Gate Bridge has significantly enhanced the structure's longevity. It features the largest application of carbon fibre to a bridge structure in the world. This project is one of the most complex, high-risk engineering design and construction projects undertaken in Australia. Construction innovations included the development of Australia’s first bridge-specific design standard and loading standard. The project also incorporated a world-first calibration method for structural modelling, using dynamic modelling and field accelerometer readings. John Holland has delivered conventional bridges, balanced cantilevers, launched structures and cable-stayed bridges.