Law & Order

Our understanding of custodial protocols when working within live operating environments has been critical to the successful delivery of projects in this sector. This, combined with the utilisation of modularisation and pre-fabrication, means that we are able to efficiently construct buildings that meet our customers’ requirements.

Risdon Prison Infrastructure Redevelopment, TAS

Our portfolio across the law and order sector includes courthouses, prisons, coronial service centres and law enforcement projects, delivered to meet the stringent security requirements of the sector. 

In Western Australia, the design, construction, finance and maintenance (DCFM) of the state-of-the-art 350 bed Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison is being delivered as a public private partnership (PPP) with the State Government. We have also been selected to design and construct the 1,000 bed Ravenhall Prison in Melbourne’s west under the DCFM model. Our commitment to long-term partnerships means that we are able to provide support and services throughout the lifetime of our projects.

We have undertaken redevelopments of the Risdon Prison Complex in Tasmania and the Cessnock Correctional Centre in New South Wales and the design and construction of the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre in Western Australia for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). We also recently completed the Newcastle Courthouse redevelopment and have commenced the design and construction of Ravenhall Prison in Victoria.