Dams & Storages

We have extensive experience in dam construction, including blasting, rock bolting and complex concrete structures, in addition to the construction of concrete works underwater using methodologies such as cofferdams, sheet piles, drilled piles or caisson techniques.

Enlarged Cotter Dam, ACT

The enlargement of the Cotter Dam has secured the water supply for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and surrounding region for the future by expanding the storage capacity of the Cotter Reservoir twenty-fold. The new 80m high dam is constructed of roller compacted concrete and is the highest dam of its type in Australia. Works currently underway to increase the capacity of Chaffey Dam in New South Wales include raising the dam wall with a reinforced earth embankment and parapet wall, and raising the level of the spillway.

A number of projects such as Wyangala Dam, NSW, Eildon Dam Improvement Works, Vic, Split Rock Dam, NSW, Prospect Dam, NSW and Chaffey Dam Safety Upgrades, NSW have included construction works undertaken on and adjacent to operating dams and reservoirs. We fully appreciate the importance of maintaining the integrity, safety and operations of these facilities throughout delivery.