Commercial & Mixed Use

We deliver across the spectrum of commercial and mixed use buildings including office developments, hotels, financial institutions, business parks, shopping centres, retail precincts, warehouses and data centres. We provide contemporary, flexible, cost-efficient solutions that enhance workplace productivity and user experience.

Eclipse Tower, NSW


Our award-winning integrated design construction and operations solutions such as the Eclipse Tower in Parramatta, results in world-class facilities that encourage greater productivity and efficiency.

We have dedicated in-house Green Star and NABERS expertise, and our designers are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers and the users of these spaces. In this way, we add value from the concept design stage to the integrated fit-out and provision of ongoing operations and maintenance services. The commercial high rise tower, Kings Square 1 (KS1) in Perth was recently awarded a 5-Star Green Star rating.

We have also delivered a range of mixed use facilities such as the Woolworths Regional Distribution Centre in NSW, which involved the construction of a new 50,000 sqm storage and distribution centre on a 20-hectare greenfield site. This temperature controlled building features high-quality finished concrete slabs designed with strict tolerances, achieved through the use of a laser-guided screening machine.


In the design and construction of data centre infrastructure, we provide a platform upon which a business can efficiently and reliably operate their applications and services, including servers, storage and virtualisation. We understand the large scale power requirements and heat rejection techniques associated with the HVAC services of these specialist facilities. 

When delivering projects such as the HMAS Harmon Communications Facilities, as well as datacentres for Macquarie Telecom, Vodafone and Equinix, we undertook a range of detailed studies regarding industry best-practice, trends and benchmarks, as well as technical and concept design studies to facilitate optimum layout, fit-out and services.