Our tunnelling team provides a one-stop-shop of specialist knowledge that includes planning, procurement and delivery of tunnelling infrastructure solutions.

Melbourne Water Northern Sewerage Project, VIC

John Holland has a reputation for innovation in tunnel design and engineering which is founded on our portfolio of transport, water, wastewater, power and mining projects. We have bored tunnels in hard rock and soft ground, and have a good understanding of segment lining, drill and blast tunnel excavation, trenchless methods, micro-tunnelling, pipe-jacking, shaft sinking in soft ground and rock and refurbishment of tunnels. 

We have led the way and worked on the Australian Standard for Compressed Air, assisted with the development of the Tunnelling Code of Practice, assisted in the development of international tunnelling standards and members of our team are active members of Australasian Tunnelling Society. In addition, members of our team provide input to the International Tunnelling Society working groups.

Utilising our engineering expertise we are able to review concept designs, methods and applications related to all facets of underground construction and engineering, these include

  • Methods and Solutions - technical support in the development of appropriate technical methods and review of all critical construction processes related to the project
  • Design and Engineering - engineering and design management support for the development of strategic engineering applications and cost effective solutions
  • Planning and Controls - program and planning support, and leads the development of strategic planning systems, project information controls and applications, with the intent of providing superior technical and commercial services
  • Plant and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) - provides guidance, technical advice, contractual and commercial support to the business development and operational teams in all aspects of plant selection, procurement and operation including plant maintenance and inspections