Rail Construction, O&M

The skill of building a modern railway rests with integrating many engineering disciplines. We have experts in railway systems, rolling stock, rail operations, asset management and infrastructure construction, renewal and maintenance.

CRN Work Train, NSW

We have developed recognised industry expertise in systems engineering, systems integration and assurance. Our systems engineering allows for the packaging of complex engineering projects into manageable components across a project lifecycle. These packages detail the customer requirements as specifications, which are continually verified during each phase of the project life-cycle.

Our systems integration approach enables John Holland to be a true turnkey provider. Our operations and maintenance expertise along with our complex rail project interface and integration skills provide us with the knowledge and approach to seamlessly transition from construction into operations and maintenance.

Our engineering lifecycle philosophy is aligned with the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardisation (CENELEC). We apply advanced simulation techniques to develop solutions for our customers.

From inception to operation our requirements management solutions, systems integration and technical assurance services make decision making explicit and justifiable. Our key services include:

  • Requirements management
  • Verification and validation
  • Interface management
  • Configuration management
  • System integration
  • Technical auditing
  • System assurance