Civil & Buildings

The face of construction is rapidly changing as technology is revolutionising the industry. It means we are able to deliver more efficient, cost-effective buildings and infrastructure. Digital design combined with sophisticated project management software, materials technology, automation, robotics and parallel delivery of project activities traditionally delivered in sequence, translates to dollar savings and early project completion and asset utilisation.

South Road Superway, SA

Using end-to-end project applications such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), means that modularised components can be fabricated with minimal wastage and to optimal quality, logistically managed using a ‘just in time approach’, construction optimised through the improvements to delivery methodology and offering unparalleled benefits to our customers during the operations of the asset. 

At the heart of our services is our engineering expertise, and this combined with our resources and experience across every facet of the civil and buildings spectrum means we always meet project demands with skill, commitment and vision.

Our teams are able to validate concepts and scope projects as well as provide detailed designs, taking into account economic, social and environmental factors and creating the right cost, quality and efficiency outcomes. We are committed to improving the whole-life performance of built environments, combining function and form whilst remaining efficient and future-proof.

Our engineering capability within the civil and buildings disciplines includes:

  • Material selection
  • Modular components and precast
  • Temporary works
  • Pavements
  • Structures
  • Design and construction technology
  • Concrete technology
  • Reinforcement detailing
  • Geotechnical analysis & interpretation