Wheatstone Construction Village

Wheatstone Construction Village, WA

John Holland delivered the 3,800 bed Construction Village under a Design and Construct contract, for the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project at the Ashburton North site, 12 kilometres west of Onslow.

The modern accommodation facility provides king single bed ensuite rooms equipped with air conditioning, flat panel TV, fridge, writing desk and broadband internet.

The Construction Village includes a range of quality amenities including a football field, swimming pool, cricket nets, golf driving nets, tennis courts and basketball courts, as well as a 4,300 seat dining facility.

The village incorporates a range of energy efficient measures such as dishwashers that reduce water consumption by capturing steam and condensing it back into water in the washing process; smart range hoods programmed to shut off when the kitchen is not in use; in-room motion sensors to turn air-conditioning on and off automatically; and outside air temperature sensing water pump heaters that automatically and efficiently heat water to just the right temperature.