Hunua No.4 Watermain

Hunua 4 Watermain, NZ

This project saw John Holland and joint venture partner, Fulton Hogan, build a 22km section of pipeline through Auckland city, from Manukau to Onehunga, to ensure security of future water supply and to cater for population growth.

This 22km section of a 28km pipeline involved tunnelling under the Southern Motorway, constructing three pipe bridges over waterways, crossing over 950 existing services, 70 major relocations and commissioning to Water Care’s existing live bulk water system.

The project scope also included the laying of 15.5km of 2m diameter pipeline, 6.5km of 1.5m diameter pipeline plus smaller diameter sections, 16 major line valves, pits and ventilation, numerous tunnelled sections as well as extensive continuous traffic control, community consultation and stakeholder engagement.