Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Marine Project (New Berth 4 and Approach Jetty Widening)

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, QLD

John Holland was awarded the contract for marine works which formed part of the second and third phases of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) project in Hay Point, approximately 40km south of Mackay in Queensland.

The terminal expansion was an essential response to the global demand for coal and was delivered by John Holland, by its scheduled completion date during a booming resource market.

The terminal expansion involved the addition of a third outloading conveyor stream to feed a new third 6000 tonne per hour ship-loader. Achieving this required the construction of a 400m long wharf extension, 800m of additional wharf widening, onshore and offshore transfer towers, a new wharf approach jetty, 1.5km onshore conveyor works and the manufacture and installation of a shiploader.

The project was delivered in a complex mix of both greenfield and brownfield environments which was significantly affected by adverse weather during the construction of the project.  

John Holland managed these challenges by implementing engineering and project management methodologies that allowed construction to occur within a fully operational facility, with minimal disruption to operations.