Abercrombie Precinct - University of Sydney Business School

University of Sydney Business School, NSW

This $180 million design and construct project will enable the University to consolidate all Business School operations into one central location. At full capacity the building will accommodate 4,500 students and 490 staff.

The building will have a gross floor area of approximately 32,000 square metres, spread across seven levels, with lower levels of the building to be occupied by teaching space. The building will comprise of approximately 50 seminar and case study rooms, learning hubs of various sizes, and four large lecture theatres. The theatres will be fit-out with advanced audio-visual systems, and architectural finishes of the highest quality. The largest of the four theatres (550 seats) will enable presentations and performances by external entities to be hosted and recorded/broadcasted over the internet. The upper building levels will contain offices and meeting rooms for the academic staff and The Dean. 

The contract also includes the design and construction of a $30 million student accommodation facility. This facility will provide studio-style apartment living spaces, social common areas and meeting and study space for up to 200 students. 

Upon completion in 2015, the Abercrombie Precinct in Darlington will not only provide world class facilities for living, teaching and learning, but will also become the new ‘Southern Gateway’ to the University campus.