John Holland is committed to being recognised by our employees, customers and other stakeholders as an industry leader in environmental management across the diverse projects that we deliver. Our approach is supported by our values of innovation, care and shared responsibility for positive environmental outcomes. 

Our success is based on having a robust Environmental Management System that enables the proactive identification and management of environmental risks and opportunities. In addition, it is through responsible design, planning, procurement and construction practices that we are able to deliver sustainable solutions. 

Our Global Mandatory Requirements (GMR) in this arena include environmental elements, an essential step in evolving our commitment to protecting the environment. These new environmental GMRs set clear expectations for our people and subcontractors to further enhance our environmental performance.

Importantly, the GMRs mandate the development of plans which are focused on improving our procurement process of materials and suppliers, determining energy efficiency opportunities and enabling better waste management assisting us further in delivering efficient and sustainable projects for our clients.

You can learn more about our approach to Environment here.