Women at John Holland

Our industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but that isn’t acceptable anymore and we are working to make sure John Holland is a place where women thrive.

Women excel in a huge range of roles within our business, from carpenters and finance professionals to Project Directors and Executive General Managers…and everything in between.

How do we support women?

Our CEO, Joe Barr, is passionate about ensuring that John Holland is an inclusive place for women to work. He recently hosted CEO Gender Forum discussions with women throughout the business to personally understand the views of women and what John Holland should focus on to become the first choice in our industry for women. Here are some of the things of which we are most proud:

  • We addressed our like for like gender pay gap at the end of 2017. We are now putting measures in place to ensure that a pay gap does not emerge again in the future.
  • We were the first construction company to implement a paid parental leave scheme and are currently refining this to ensure our offering remains best practice.
  • We recently updated our policies to become one of the first companies in Australia to explicitly make full parental leave entitlements available to employees who experience a stillbirth.
  • We are refining our gender targets to increase the number of women in senior level roles, particularly operational roles.
  • We are actively looking to attract and promote women into non- traditional roles and putting support structures in place to help them succeed in these roles.
  • We will be implementing a sponsorship program for women in 2018 as a way of helping to achieve these goals.
  • We are currently developing an inclusive leadership program for people leaders which will look at understanding unconscious bias and how this can adversely impact the assumptions and decisions we make about others that may lead to gender pay gaps and other inequities – whilst simultaneously identifying and eliminating opportunities for bias to occur.
  • In NSW we committed to a ‘Championing Women in Civil Construction’ initiative of the NSW government to encourage women to join the construction industry and support them to do so.
  • In VIC our Westgate Tunnel project launched a ‘West Gate Women in Construction’ initiative to actively promote, support and recognised female participation on the project.
  • We are an ‘Employer of Choice’ for women with Diverse City Careers and they have certified us as a Flex Able Employer, which means we value flexible working and are serious about the health and wellbeing of our people.

Initiatives to support women

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • CEO is a Pay Equity Ambassador
  • Paid Parental Leave at full salary for primary carer (not including government-funded parental leave) - 13 weeks + 5 week return to work bonus
  • Paid Parental Leave at full salary for secondary carer - 1 Week
  • Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on paid Parental Leave
  • Opportunities to purchase leave
  • Breastfeeding rooms
  • Leadership development programs
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Targets to raise the number of women in leadership
  • Internal Women's networking groups